Why the Demand For IPv4 is Still There When IPv6 Already Exists.

IPv6 was launched close to six years ago, but the demand for IPv4 remains high. Why is this? Speaking logically, the release of IPv6 should have directly made IPv4 address worthless and obsolete. But look at what is happening, the demand for IPv4 is still high years after.

What is IPv4?

IPv4It is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol version 4. It makes part of the technology which enables us to connect our computers and other devices to the global web. When your smart phone or computer accesses the Internet, they assign it a unique numerical IPv4 address space. It could be something like 192. 0. 2 .1. To send information between computers through the web, a data packet should be transferred across a network containing the IP address of the sending and receiving computers.
Is IPv6 not cheaper, faster or better than IPv4? Amazingly, the two have almost the same speed, and their variations are minimal.

Why are IPv4 blocks valuable?

Like any other commodity, the value of IPv4 blocks is determined the demand and supply. IP addresses are not consumable like lets us say oil. This way, they can switch hands sometimes. This character makes it like a gold bar; you can sell it at any time. Making it more of liquid.

The supply of IPv4 vs. IPv6

IPv4 utilizes 32-bit internet addresses. It can support around 4 billion unique IPs, of which have already being taken. IPv6, on the other hand, utilizes 128- bit addresses. It can support very many IP addresses. Its large capacity sounds exciting, but from a financial view, its capacity reduces the value. Reasons, their supply is too much. In fact beyond its demand.

Where can you buy or sell IPv4 blocks?

IPv4 addressBuyers cannot stay without IPv4 blocks. Lucky for them there is no shortage of sellers. With the high demand and less supply, brokers connect the buyers and sellers. For buyers who love the bidding games, there are many of them for IPv4 blocks. Every market has its scammers, to avoid getting trapped by some in the IPv4 market, I recommend that you buy your blocks from trusted and reputable sources like IPv4 brokers. They will allow you to lease, sell or buy with a lot of ease.

The future of IPv4

With the increase in its value and scarcity, it is most likely that companies will trade for IPv4 blocks for many more years.