Thursday, April 16, 2015


Our Keep Bel-Air Beautiful Team was busy this morning sprucing up the East Gate entrance island.

A special thanks to all of our Bel-Air Association members for their constant support and donations that help us to continue to maintain the twenty-two traffic islands and three signature entrances located in Bel-Air.  

This year we have received overwhelming support for the program and we thank all of you who have generously contributed.

In addition, we would like to thank Green Tree Landscaping for their creative assistance and hope you will enjoy the new spring design and color as you travel in and out of Bel-Air.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Firefighter and paramedic Jason Shelton is a true American hero. A former Navy SEAL, Jason has served the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) for 13 years. He has spent three of them spearheading the Tactical Emergency Medical Support unit (TEMS), a specialized unit of the LAFD that provides medical support to law enforcement agencies such as the LAPD and FBI during tactical operations like active shooter, hostage rescue, or barricaded suspects. Jason and his unit have been involved in hundreds of incidents including both the Dorner manhunt and the 2013 LAX shooting.

Injuries occur in as many as one-third of tactical operations, and law enforcement agencies that respond to these potentially violent encounters are minimally trained to treat casualties. In an effort to bridge this gap, Assistant Chief Michael Little of the LAFD Homeland Security Division approached Jason to organize the LAFD TEMS program in 2007.

The 12 paramedics who make up the TEMS unit are meticulously selected and trained based on experience, medical certifications, and department-wide good standing. Once selected, each must complete 80 hours of SWAT training and 40 hours of tactical medical courses, participating in the same demanding physical fitness regimen as SWAT officers.

The Bel-Air Association would like to congratulate Firefighter Shelton on this honorable award and dedication to the community!  


Open Days Program 2015 - Garden Conservancy

Explore five private gardens in Bel-Air, Brentwood, and Santa Monica, open to the public for self-guided tours to benefit the Garden Conservancy. Highlights include a pair of small, drought-tolerant gardens in 
Bel-Air and West LA, a chic and sophisticated garden in Santa Monica and a large ‘working’ farm right in the heart of Brentwood, and the gorgeous garden of actress Julie Newmar. Maps and tickets will be available at the Grow Native Nursery in the Veterans Garden, 100 Davis Avenue, Westwood from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm; gardens are open 10 am to 4 pm. 

No reservations needed; rain or shine. For more information, or call us toll-free at

Admission: $7 per garden; children 12 & under free.

Monday, April 13, 2015



Thursday April 23, 2015

8:30 AM

Van Nuys City Hall
14410 Sylvan Street
Council Chamber, 2nd Floor

Friday, April 10, 2015

Check out the latest Trends and Hairstyles for Prom Week at Nelly's Salon!


Nelly Greenfield's Salon located at Sepulveda Boulevard and Moraga is introducing new fashion and styles for Prom Week.  

To make an appointment call 310.440.9107 or stop by the Salon located at 651 N. Sepulveda Boulevard today!  

As a Bel-Air Association Member Nelly will honor a 10% discount for first time new clients!  


Friday, April 10, 2015
Satisfy your flair for all things vintage-inspired at ModCloth IRL, the first ever pop-up from the online indie retailer. Head Downtown on Friday to shop a summery selection of threads, have your measurements taken and meet the people behind the website.

Afterwards, spend a science-filled evening among the dinosaurs during First Friday's at the Natural History Museum. Tonight's highlights include a discussion about documenting LA's hidden wildlife through amateur photos as well as musical performances from White Fence and Cherry Glazerr. Technically tonight's the second Friday of the month, but we'll let that slide. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015
Is it the stumpy legs? The size-too-big ears? The woolly rump? Whatever the cause, we love corgis, and so do the devoted dog owners at SoCal Corgi Nation. Bring your own pup or mingle with 500 others at the SoCal Corgi Beach Day in Huntington Beach—make sure to check out our photos from last year's meetup for a preview

If you don't feel like making the trek, splash in the pristine waters of the LA River instead. Alright, so it's not quite there yet, but do your part in restoring the river during the Great Los Angeles River CleanUp. Saturday's work-play session focuses on four spots in the San Fernando Valley, with a mobile museum set up at the Bette Davis Picnic Area.

Make your way east and stock up on decorative designs and support local artisans at Eastside Handmade. As the name might suggest, this indie, Highland Park pop-up market features fashion, jewelry and trinkets from exclusively Eastside designers.

Our calendar says it's still April, but that hasn't stopped Electric Dusk Drive-In from rolling out its slate of summer movies. Catch an outdoor screening of The Goonies at an abandoned produce market in the Fashion District. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015
We'd venture to guess that the crowds at the Ace Hotel will be a bit thinner today as Coachella-goers flock to its Palm Springs sibling instead. Spend Sunday afternoon relaxing poolside at Upstairs during the Mandelbaum Bookstore Pop Up. Browse through the typically appointment-only bookseller's collection of art books from the likes of Warhol, Basquiat, Koons and other artists that Jay-Z likes to namedrop. 

On the other side of town, toast to a half-century of the Westside's high-end harbor at 
Marina del Rey’s 50th Birthday Bash. The final afternoon of this three-day aquatic celebration features free tall ship tours, cannon battles and day sails as well as a boat and classic car show.

Farther up the 405, the Skirball hosts its annual, kid-friendly Puppet Festival. Though advance tickets are sold out, a limited number of walk-ups will be available. If you're completely shut out, make the most of the trip and scope out the nostalgic Rock & Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip exhibition.   

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Community Crime Alert from Senior Lead Office Chris Ragsdale - LAPD

Serving the Westwood, Westwood Hills, Holmby Westwood, Holmby Hills, Comstock Hills, Bel Air, Beverly Glen, Benedict Canyon and Coldwater Canyon, Beverly Crest Communities.
West Los Angeles Area, Basic Car 8A29

An automobile is never a safe or secure place to leave any valuables whether locked or unlocked. If any property is left unattended in the car, even for just a few minutes, IT WILL BE STOLEN! Even something as simple as a small sun glass case, an empty backpack or gym bag will cause your car window to be smashed resulting in hundreds of dollars in damage alone.
Car burglars are taking a variety of small electronics and valuables. The top items being taken in most car burglaries are back packs, portable GPS systems, IPODS, cellular smart phones, lap top computers, IPADS, purses, wallets and money.

The West Los Angeles Area continues to be a target rich environment. A variety of car burglars canvass neighborhoods throughout the night to commit their crimes while most of us are sleeping. Although many arrests have been made, the crimes continue occur. This tells us there are numerous suspects that are targeting neighborhoods.

The Los Angeles Police Department is making every effort to combat this problem.

Community awareness and involvement is instrumental to the prevention of these crimes.
Please do not leave ANY property visible in the car! Remember to Lock It, Hide it, Keep It!
You may access the crime mapping feature listed below on a day to day basis to obtain up to date crime information for your area or any other area in the city.
To sign up for E-Policing, simply go to the E-Policing link below and enter your address and your email address. You will receive crime updates and Community Alert information from the Los Angeles Police Department. You may also view recent crimes that have occurred in the area on the LAPD website. To receive text alerts when critical information is sent, sign up for Nixle. Feel free to print this out or share this information.

Contact me directly should you have any questions or concerns.

LAPD Website:
Crime Statistics and Maps:
Nixle: Send text to 888777 and type WESTLA in message.

Christopher Ragsdale
Senior Lead Officer
West Los Angeles Community Police Station
Office: 310-444-0741
Cell: 213-305-5895

Current Trending Analysis:
Residential Burglaries: North of Santa Monica Blvd. (0 crimes), North of Wilshire Blvd. (0 crimes). North of Sunset Blvd. (1 crimes). Auto related crimes (Break Ins and Stolen Vehicles): North of Santa Monica Blvd. (3 crimes), North of Wilshire Blvd. (0 crimes) North of Sunset Blvd. (2 crimes).

Package Thefts appear to be trending throughout the area. Packages being delivered and left unattended in accessible areas are being stolen. Please arrange to have packages dropped off in a secure location or receivable location.
Protect yourself from becoming a victim and crime statistic. Ensure that you remove all visible items and valuables from inside of your vehicle. Your car, regardless of whether it's locked and secured or not, is not a safe or secure place to leave ANYTHING! Remember, Lock It, Hide It, Keep It!
Robbery (Bodily Force):

10400 block Santa Monica Blvd. RD: 0829. On 4/7/15, at 1:00 PM, the suspect entered the retail drug store and placed several items inside of a bag. The suspect was confronted by store security when he failed to purchase the items. The suspect and the employees fought for possession of the stolen items. The suspect was overcome, escorted out of the store and most of the stolen items were recovered.

2900 block Trudy Drive. RD: 0808. Construction Site. Between 04/5/15, 4:30 PM and 4/6/15, 10:00 AM, unknown suspect(s) forced open the side door to the garage and removed tools.

Grand Theft Auto:
10500 block Santa Monica Blvd. RD: 0834. Between 4/1/15, 11:30 PM and 4/2/15, 7:30 AM, unknown suspect(s) stole a 2006 Toyota Corolla that was parked on the street.

Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle:
10500 block Kinard Ave. RD: 0834. Between 3/30/15, 3:00 PM and 4/7/15, 7:30 AM, unknown suspect(s) removed Air Bag, Steering Wheel and Mirrors from 2013 Mercedes that was parked on the street.

10500 block Holman Ave. RD: 0834. Between 4/6/15, 8:30 PM and 4/7/15, 7:30 AM, unknown suspect(s) removed Grille and side mirrors from 2014 Mercedes that was parked on the street.
1900 block Roscomare Road. RD: 0805. Between 4/2/15, 6:30 PM and 4/3/15, 10:45 AM, unknown suspect(s) removed Headlights from 2008 Mercedes that was parked in the driveway.
2800 block Benedict Canyon. RD: 0808. Between 3/29/15, 11:00 PM and 3/30/15, 7:00 AM, unknown suspect(s) removed cash from vehicle that was parked in the driveway.
Grand/Petty Theft:
1500 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 0855. On 4/8/15, at 2:40 PM, the suspect entered the Retail Store and removed speaker from display and exited the store without payment.

10900 block Weyburn Ave. RD: 0817. Between 4/7/15, 8:00 PM and 4/8/15, 10:15 AM, unknown suspect(s) removed iPhone from locker at business school.
1000 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 0817. On 4/7/15, at 8:10 PM, unknown suspect(s) entered retail drug store and removed cosmetics from display and left location without paying.
1000 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 0817. On 4/6/15, at 2:25 AM, unknown suspect(s) entered retail drug store and removed Detergent and Condoms from display and fled the location on foot without payment.
00 block Beverly Park Terrace. RD: 0808. Between 3/30/15 and 4/5/15, unknown suspect(s) removed Jewelry from dresser drawers and fled the location.
1000 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 0817. On 4/4/15, between 3:40 AM and 3:50 AM, suspect entered retail drug store and concealed merchandise in a reusable bag and exited the store without paying.
10900 block Wellworth Ave. RD: 0833. Between 4/3/15 and 4/4/15, unknown suspect(s) removed several Watches from closet.
Veteran Ave/Wilkins Ave. RD: 0833. On 4/3/15, unknown suspect(s) removed bike and cellular phone from park while the victim was sleeping in the park.
1000 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 0817. On 4/2/15, at 3:00 AM, unknown suspect(s) entered retail drug store and removed Air Fresheners and exited the store without payment.
Important Telephone Numbers
For additional Crime Prevention information, Log on: